Mike  /  Colorado

“I have a real problem with Donald Trump right now.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Mike. I am a two-time Trump voter, voted for him in 2016 and in 2020. 2020, I was not happy. I held my nose and voted for Trump.

“I’m having a hard time holding my nose that tight this time. I really am. Why can’t I support Donald Trump again? I have a real problem with Donald Trump right now.

“On the January 6th, I think that Trump had an opportunity to calm the crowd down, and what he did is he egged the crowd on. Donald Trump has also always been a narcissist. He always believes that he is right, regardless of the situation. Since the 2020 election what has happened is that he has become more strident, more accusatory in his comments, and the things that he has done has created more and more and more of a polarizing type of situation. I would never work for Donald Trump, and I have never, or not never, I read Mike Pence’s book, for instance, and he talks about how much he is supportive of many of the things that Donald Trump has done.

“I think that Donald Trump would be a tyrant to work for. And many of the other people who have worked with him won’t work with him again. I think that the people that do work with him, basically what they’re doing is they’re making the decision is I would rather accept the power that comes with that and put up with the crap. I have a real problem with the way that Donald Trump treats people. Mike Pence says he wouldn’t work with him again. This is his vice president. You know, they should be joined kind of at the hip and obviously they’re not. Yeah, it seems like that Donald Trump goes through people, you know, very, very quickly and at the end of that relationship, it’s a very, very toxic type thing.”