Mike  /  Alabama

“He tried to overturn that election. That for me, as an American, is totally unforgivable.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Mike Guillot. I live in central Alabama and I have voted for Donald Trump twice in the past.

“My first vote for Donald Trump and my last vote for Donald Trump was because he was in a position to create a very conservative Supreme Court that’ll last and be very good for our country for a lot of years.

“The reason I’ll never vote for Donald Trump again is because he has become unhinged totally as a leader and a politician. He has said as much publicly that those who do not get in line or those that oppose him getting to the nomination, even, will feel his wrath in his second administration. And we need to look no further then what he did to prevent the peaceful transition of power in the last election and denying that it was a legitimate election.

“So that’s a major thing we can expect from a second Donald Trump administration. He still is and was an election denier of a peaceful, legitimate election in this country, and he tried to overturn that election. That for me, as an American, is totally unforgivable.

“There is no question that Donald Trump was the major instigator of that insurrection, and I don’t say that lightly. It was an insurrection. He was the major instigator. Never forget that.

“Have you ever heard of any American leader proposing that we suspend the Constitution because things have gotten too much out of hand? Now that should scare every American to even consider that any American potential leader would bring that up as an option for running a democracy.”