Mike  /  Indiana

“Joe Biden will listen to his advisors, where Donald Trump has nothing but ‘yes-men’ as his advisors.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Mike and I am a former Trump voter. I can no longer support Donald Trump, and it goes all the way back to 2017, when he supported Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Putin’s ideas in Helsinki over his own defense department. Donald Trump is a big supporter, in his own admission, of dictators, authoritarian, he wants to be an authoritarian leader. You can go back to recently when he mentioned that he wanted to be a dictator for a day. A dictator for a day means a dictator for two days and three days, so on and so forth. It really looks like that’s all he wants in his current platform of revenge and retribution.

“Donald Trump may only be a year older than me, in military terms, I can’t call him president of the United States, but I can call him President Bone Spurs. He had the five deferments, and in life there are haves and have nots. I come up from a family of have nots. Where we sit and we struggle for every penny and stuff.

“I couldn’t find a deferment in there. I went and served. As far as Donald Trump being the leader of the military, I would take General Milly, over Donald John Trump, any day of the week. When you look at Donald John Trump, as president of the United States, he wanted, and he got very fine people to be in his cabinet, in his organization.

“All of a sudden, the very fine people changed to other very fine people and other very fine people, till he could find the proper “yes-men” that go there. When you look at all the members of his cabinet and his organization, that are turning against him, and not necessarily against him, but telling the truth about Donald Trump, and about how he is really unqualified to be in the position.

“When I look at the two candidates for the current presidential election as it stands right now, I would prefer Joe Biden over Donald Trump for the basic reason that Joe Biden will listen to his advisors, where Donald Trump has nothing but “yes-men” as his advisors.”