Mikhail  /  Florida

“My life is better under this Biden administration than it was under Donald Trump.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name’s Mikhail Smith, I’m from Florida, I’m also a Navy veteran. I voted for Trump in 2016 and after I saw the disaster that that was, and how it split the country dramatically over racial, political lines and more, I can’t find the morals in truly anyone that would vote for him at this point, but it’s absolutely something I can’t do.

“I don’t think as the party of law and order that we should be supporting someone that clearly is a criminal. The January 6th trial, that’s going to be the big one for me, or for I think for most people. Especially, let’s be honest … it’s interesting, a lot of people that I talked to, they like to say ‘well Trump said go up there, be peaceful, or go be firm, but be peaceful.’ Yes, he did say those things, but he also said things that absolutely incite people as well. You have to go up there and fight, you’re never gonna get your country back, things like that. And he’s been rolling that rhetoric for years. It wasn’t just the words that at the ellipse that day, it was months and years, truly.

“The one that concerned me a lot was the two trials that have already concluded about the defamation and rape. I don’t think treating women that way is what this party should be about, or supporting, or anything like that. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day he is a rapist. I don’t think rapists should be supported by any party to be perfectly honest, or anyone. I think they should be in jail.

“Of course, as a Navy veteran, the security of our country and how veterans are treated is very important to me. Now with that said, what he said about the soldiers buried, I believe it was in France, about being losers and suckers… I can assure you there is no serviceman out there in this country that’s ever fought for us, that is a loser or a sucker, much less one that gave their lives to ensure you had freedom. That is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard from anyone, much less a president at the time. That is just beyond the pale.

“I am very fearful that American democracy will end if Donald Trump is elected. A second Donald Trump term is one of the scariest things I think I ever could even imagine, and I’m a horror film buff. He’s already told us that he wants to be a dictator, even if it is only on day one. Let’s be honest, in our experience through history, no one’s a dictator for one day. They’re a dictator for the whole time until they die.

“And I’m actually very fearful that we’re gonna end up in another civil war. Sending people to the Capitol to hang the vice president and Donald Trump coming out saying, ‘when I’m president, I’m gonna pardon a lot of these people.’ You are going to pardon in traitors? Then again, I think Donald Trump is a traitor. Since Donald Trump has really come to this party, it does seem like it is moving farther and further to authoritarianism. That is incredibly scary, and I think it should be scary for every American. I don’t support people that defund the police and try to get rid of the DOJ because they don’t want to get convicted.

“I would love to have a Republican candidate that I believe is viable and that would do good for the country. There isn’t. We don’t have one. I don’t believe in not voting, I’m gonna vote for Joe Biden. Not exactly what I want, but I don’t think he’s been horrible or anything like that. The economy has improved a lot over the last year or so, things are looking up. I know Donald Trump was responsible for a lot of the pains and problems that bled into the Biden administration. The mass inflation, this was all started by Trump. Let’s not forget the recession, economic collapse, horrible Covid response, and all of that bled over… highest unemployment in I think over a hundred years, now it’s at one of the lowest rates ever.

“My life is better under this Biden administration than it was under Donald Trump. At this point, my vote has to be more about defeating Donald Trump than supporting Joe Biden.”