Nancy  /  Maryland

“You don’t just vote for somebody on morality, but you don’t just vote for them on policy either.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Nancy, I live in the state of Maryland and I’m a lifelong Republican. I have voted Republican every single time I could vote, but I am not gonna vote for Donald Trump this fall, and I never will.

“It shocks me that we would put someone up for a candidate who has been charged with so many things. The accusation that I don’t believe he’s denied, that he kept all those documents down at his home in Florida. If it’s true that he showed them to foreign people, showed things he shouldn’t have showed to foreign dignitaries, that’s not someone you want running your country. That’s not someone who can keep a secret. He seems to actually delight in sharing those things that are private and should be kept private in the government.

“When I hear Trump talking about… he’s friends with this person and that person, and the North Korean dictator, let’s call him what he is, is a ‘oh, he’s a great guy.’ How can we put someone up as a candidate for the president of the United States who, to put it mildly, cozies up to dictators and authoritarian regimes around the world? And for me, one of the concerning things with Trump is when he says, ‘this is what I’m gonna do, close the border on day one.’ He jokes about being a dictator. That’s not funny. I also don’t believe that he wouldn’t try to use the FBI and whatever else to get back at the people that he has been upset with. He seems petty in his business, he can be petty and I would hate to see that in the president, no matter what party.

“So if Trump wins a second term as president, I can see withdrawing from NATO… I can see trying. I can see him trying to do all kinds of things. I can see a second term presidency leading to more war in Europe. I think that people mistakenly think that if Trump were president, Russia would back down, Vladimir Putin would back down. I think that is incorrect. I think if he won a second term, I think Putin would be emboldened.

“The situation at the border may look better to Americans because perhaps not as many people would try to come into our country, but he talked about building barracks down there. He talked about building actual buildings and leaving people there until they could be sent back. And I hope I’m not overstating the case, but when I was in Poland and I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau and I walked amongst those buildings, the thing that struck me the most at the end of that tour was that our 23-year-old tour guy said, ‘it’s not monsters who created this. They were normal people who went home to their families every night who guarded these people. But the first step to this was that they dehumanized them, that they were just animals, they weren’t real people.’ They didn’t care about them. You never gave them human dignity. And it worries me that sometimes when Trump talks about other people, he doesn’t give them the dignity that they deserve as human beings.

“Do you hear him talking about opponents in a respectful way? Do you hear him talking about disabled people in a respectful way? We have a new grandson who has down syndrome. Do not speak about people who aren’t able in a way that’s demeaning. I don’t want that for a president. And you don’t just vote for somebody on morality, but you don’t just vote for them on policy either.

“We registered to vote in high school, my senior year. I turned 18 in August, so I registered to vote in 1976. Bicentennial baby, proud daughter of a World War II vet, Republican. Voted Republican every single time I could, I never missed a vote. I even voted overseas and I voted absentee when I couldn’t be in person. I voted in primaries. I have never voted for anyone but a Republican. But this time I am so convinced that the last thing we need is a Donald Trump presidency, that I can’t just stay home and vote for no one. I am gonna vote for the opposition because I know that that is a vote against Trump. It helps him not to be in power, and that is my main concern this time, is that he not regain power in America.”