Nathan  /  Ohio

“You can still be a Republican but vote for Joe Biden.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Nathan. I’m from Ohio. I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, but I will never again after that because after 2020 I felt betrayed after having donated and campaigned and phone banked for him. And then his conduct after the election, especially on January 6th and beyond.

“You can still be a Republican but vote for Joe Biden. I will never switch my party registration to be undeclared or Democrat. I will always be a Republican. But you can’t put party over country.

“The way I see it, he’s not running to be president of the United States anymore. At this point, he is running to save himself from all the criminal indictments. He has spent what, 50, $60 million of his campaign dollars, RNC money, almost making the Republican National Committee broke just to fund his legal bills.

“You know, he talks about the establishment is out to get him. He is the establishment of the RNC. He’s trying to take it over with his family.

“We absolutely cannot have someone who incited the rhetoric that then put an attack on the institutions of our government, on our representatives, and our senators whose lives were put per were put at risk on January 6th, and then expect him to be able to be elected president and be put into office and to cooperate … no.

“Dictators will always tell you what they’re gonna do. Putin said he’d invade Ukraine. He did. He said Poland is next. He’s gonna do it. Xi Jinping said he’s gonna take Hong Kong. He did it. He said Taiwan’s next. Donald Trump has said that he will have retribution. He’s gonna do it. Don’t think that he won’t ’cause he will.”