Nicholas  /  Pennsylvania

“I cannot and will not support a man that wants to become a dictator and suspend the Constitution.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Nicholas and I’m a Pennsylvania resident and former military. I served in the army for eight years and in 2016, while in the military, I voted for the former resident. After four years of watching him be a bigot, a racist, anti-woman, antisemitic, anti-LGBTQIA plus, anti-military and calling us “suckers” and “losers,” in 2020 I was open to voting for anyone but him. After watching over a million Americans die due to a lack of response to a global pandemic, I voted for President Biden in 2020. After January 6th, 2021, and watching MAGA supporters storm the Capitol, I vowed that I would do anything and everything in my power to make sure that that man never got back into power ever again, or anyone who supported him. After that day, I changed my political affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Not necessarily thinking long term, but I was a lifetime Republican before then. I had voted in every election since 2008 that I possibly could, and every time I voted Republican. I cannot see myself voting for them anytime soon. I cannot vote for a group that hates on women, hates on people because of race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, any of that. In the current format that the Republican Party currently is in, I don’t see myself voting for them anytime soon. After listening to the former president over the last four years, becoming increasingly more bigoted, more insane, and hate on everyone that he possibly can, and defame people as much as he can, I cannot support the man in 2024.

“In 2024 I intend on voting for President Biden. Whether or not I disagree with everything he has done or said, but I cannot and will not support a man that wants to become a dictator and suspend the Constitution. We do not swear loyalty and fealty when we take office or when we’re in the military to one singular person because that would make us like Russia, China, North Korea, Hungary, Iran and a couple other countries that are authoritarian in nature. I do not want to see America become a dictatorship. That is another reason why I will not vote for that man. I will not vote for any Republican moving forward because in order to be in a leader in the Republican party, you must swear true faith and allegiance to the former President and in my opinion, that is not a democracy.”