Norma  /  Washington

“I cannot support Trump again because I’ve seen him in action.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Norma. I’m from Carson, Washington, and I am a two time Trump voter.

“I voted for Trump the last two times because I’ve been a Republican since I turned 18. I’m now 60, so I have always voted Republican. I’ve always believed in a conservative agenda and felt he would be best for the job. Thought he was an outsider and thought he could do a good job.

“I cannot support Trump again because I’ve seen him in action, so I know what he’s capable of doing, which is a bunch of nothing. So he’s a big talker, but doesn’t actually get anything done. So he says he’s done this, that, and the other, but this, that, and the other hasn’t really gotten done.

“A second Trump presidency to me could go several ways. It could be a bunch of talk and he gets nothing done, which that would be a blessing. Or more than likely, he continues his rhetoric. He then now gets people in that are loyal to him. And then do we have elections after the Trump election or do we have a Putin election with Trump on the ticket for the next 20 years, and then it gets passed down to his children because that’s how Trump rolls.

“I will not be voting for Trump this time around. I will be voting for Biden. I do not trust that he can do the right thing anymore after the insurrection and with how he keeps documents at his home, how he treats women, how he treats the country, and how he treats the people that work for him, how he’s treated his businesses. I cannot trust him to run our country again.

“I have never voted for a democrat for president or governor or senator or representative. And this last voting cycle, I voted for my first federal representative that was a Democrat. Voting for a Democrat, since I have been a Republican my whole life makes me sad. Not that I’m voting for the Democrat, but that I don’t have a Republican to vote for.”