Paul  /  North Carolina

“I’m not voting for Trump because his character does not suit the presidency.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, I’m Paul from North Carolina and I’m a former Trump voter, and I’ll never vote for him again. It was a mistake.

“With regards to January 6th and all the violence that happened, I definitely feel that Donald Trump was definitely the reason for it. He just refused to admit that he lost. It just seemed like he was encouraging it and did nothing to even stop it or tweet about it. It seemed like he was tweeting all the time and he didn’t do anything to just go ahead and say, “this is not the way you shouldn’t be doing that.” And he just did nothing.

“Now with regards to all his felony counts and all these things, there’s so many of them, I mean, they can’t be a lie. I don’t think there’s any way you should have anyone with this plethora of charges be even permitted to run for office.

“Now, I understand that a lot of people say, “oh, well look at maybe Joe Biden in his past,” and you hear that, “oh, everyone’s corrupt and has got a torrid past.” Maybe Joe Biden does, something he lied about many years ago about his record, but he’s not even in the same league as Trump as far as all the different lies.

“If Trump is elected again, I think it’s gonna look bad for the United States. It is horrible because of his character and the things he’s done in the past.

“In 2024, I’m not voting for Trump because his character does not suit the presidency. This isn’t a company where you fire and hire everybody. It’s a democracy. Biden follows those rules.

“So, I’m not voting for Trump. Trump does nothing but cause chaos. Biden works with both sides of the aisle. He tries, but Trump just wants to fire everybody and wants to be a dictator, which that’s not the way America works.

“I was really hoping there’d be a different candidate besides Biden, but the choice is if they’re running, I’m going Biden. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna vote, you know, everything Democrat. But definitely as president, not Donald Trump.”