Peter  /  Florida

“I would vote for Mickey Mouse over President Trump.”

Video Transcript

“I am Peter. I currently live in the Villages, Florida. I voted for Trump once and never again.

“I think there’s a lot of people out there that are Trump supporters no matter what. I remember Trump saying one time he could fire a gun down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and he’d still be elected. Well, it’s gotten a lot worse than that folks.

“He is an absolute criminal in my mind from the word go. So again, to think that this man could be returned to the Oval Office, I think it’s a disaster for America, a disaster when you consider this is a guy that led an insurrection. This is a guy who’s accused of paying off a porn star for the love of Pete.

“I mean, the whole thing is just a… it is a real smear. I’m embarrassed as an American to think that we’re even considering this guy for office again. We’re the longest standing democracy in the world, and we always have a peaceful transfer of power, but in this case, it wasn’t a peaceful- they tried an insurrection.

“And anyone who will tell you that it was a peaceful demonstration, I’ve heard that some from some of the Trumpers “oh, they just wanted to take a tour,” People who take a tour don’t come in with handcuffs and tear gas and use weapons against cops trying to get in and bash in the windows of the Capitol. A total embarrassment, and I wish we could go back in time and erase it. It is just embarrassing to me.

“I blame president, former President Trump a hundred percent. He used terms like, we’re going to fight like hell. He even said, I’m going to march to the Capitol with you. And there are reports while he was in that limo that he wanted to take control of the limo and drive down to the capitol, I think that would’ve been an absolute disaster if that had happened. And as it stands, he went to his Oval Office and watched it on TV. And it was not until after his family members and the staff said, “you’ve gotta do something. You’ve gotta get in front of that camera and stop this.” And he did it, I think begrudgingly. And I’ve seen the outtakes where he says “the election is over… oh, I don’t wanna say that. The election’s not over.” So this guy is deranged. He calls the prosecutor deranged. You’re looking… the orange man is the one who’s deranged.

“I saw a list of all the people that were either in his cabinet or in his administration that are no longer supporting him. It’s very telling in my opinion, because they were on the inside and they saw what was going on in the White House, and for a while they were part of the machine, and now that they are not under the coattails of Donald Trump, idiot in charge, they are turning against him. I think it’s very telling that these people, very knowledgeable, very smart, I will give you all that, they are now saying, “no, I’m not gonna support this man.”

“I would vote for Mickey Mouse over President Trump, so in this case, Mickey Mouse is gonna be Joseph Biden. I’m not real fond of him because I think he’s too old and he doesn’t speak in cognitive sentences, but anything’s better than Trump. I just cannot imagine returning him to the Oval Office, knowing now all the things that he’s accused of doing and some of the things that he’s admitted doing. He’s going on trial for this and that and this and that. He’s really the felon in charge instead of the commander-in-chief.”