Phillip  /  Maine

“He has no tact. He has no class. He has no manners. I’m ashamed for him to be my president.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Phillip. I’m from Standish, ME. I’m a conservative Republican. I’ve always voted Republican except for one mishap, and I’m a Ronald Reagan kind of person. I voted for Trump on two occasions. But then one day, when the insurrection happened, and the way our Vice President was treated — who I admire greatly — my eyes were opened.

When I think and see what I saw, I know that he did instigate the problem that we had on 1/6. He tried to overturn the vote. He has taken classified material. He has lied about his business. He has cheated on his wife. He has run people down. Anyone that doesn’t think or believe his way is just worthless, and he makes it known.

He has no tact. He has no class. He has no manners. I’m ashamed for him to be my President. And I’ve been very disillusioned and disappointed and, as I say, my eyes are open. He has tried to overturn the election. He’s a crybaby. He doesn’t have any self-control.

He’s rude. My mind has been changed and I think for the better, sadly. And that’s my story. I’m sticking with it. There are a lot of people that continue to follow him regardless of — I even talked to a pastor’s wife who told me he’s a “baby Christian.” And I said, well, when is he going to grow up? Can I see some evidence of it?

I mean, look at all these people, no matter what Trump does against the law or anything else, they claim Christ and they still follow him. It’s like the scales haven’t fallen from their eyes. It’s like they can’t see. And people will say the country’s going to fall apart if you don’t have Trump. Baloney!

We have checks and balances in place for this country, and the sky is not falling, and I’m not going to believe that. I think he has a mental situation. I really do. Who acts like he does? Who? He is so egotistical. He’s uncontrollable. Who would try to overturn? Who can’t be a good sport? You lost. You lose sometimes!

He doesn’t see that. He doesn’t have that ability. He doesn’t have that mental capacity. He really doesn’t, as far as I’m concerned. And I think it’s a dangerous thing to have him.”