Rachel  /  Texas

“He helped instigate a coup against the United States.”

Video Transcript

“I am Rachel. I am from Houston. I am a mom of four. I am a stay at home mom. I have always, voted pretty much straight ticket GOP since the election of 2000, which is when I was 18 and, in 2016 I did vote for Trump while I held my nose. Four years ago, whenever the pandemic hit, I had three kids, three and under.

“During that time, I ended up… you know, they all ended up staying home and it was kind of an overwhelming time, but we kind of embraced it. And I just couldn’t deal with the messaging that Trump was doing about the coronavirus. I mean, it was just like those first couple days or weeks of like, what is this thing?

“And then the president of the United States went out there and basically mocked precautions that the scientists were learning, I mean, they were learning these things in real time. I mean, they were literally basing things off of what they knew in that moment. And that’s when it’s like, maybe it was the isolationism, maybe, I don’t know what it was, but maybe just people stuck in their homes and just on the internet and just kind of going down rabbit holes started to make big deals about masks or rules or distancing or Dr. Fauci. I mean, just all of those things that I just, I feel like had the president of the United States come out there and said, like, supported… I mean, you can say two things at one time. You can say, you know, look, we’re working on trying to figure out the soonest that we can be back together, we can figure out ways to not have to mask. And a unifying message that would’ve been huge.

“It was very encouraging to me to see other Republican voters that have spoken out and said, this is not normal, and this kind of behavior shouldn’t be just accepted. And I hope to be able to encourage other people that feel that way as well. Some of those behaviors include calling our military losers and suckers. Asking why they would make such a sacrifice when they get nothing out of it.

“Not wanting to be photographed with a wounded warrior. Threatening to end NATO. Saying that Putin can do whatever the heck he wants. He put the kibosh on Senator Lankford’s, very strong border bill, all because he just wanted to run on it. And he has cheated on his wife multiple times.

“He’s in court for falsifying business records and election interference. He took classified documents that contained nuclear secrets. This is all in court documents. Then he lied to the FBI and then covered up that lie, all before they took the documents back. He helped instigate a coup against the United States.

“And at the time everybody was like, oh, it’s Antifa, or it had to have been the left. It couldn’t have been our people. But yet he is like now doing rallies with what he calls hostages, January 6th hostages, who he is saluting for what they did for him.”