Rich  /  Washington

“He is the antithesis of what we need to have, who we need to have, running our country.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Rich. I’m from the state of Washington. I am a lifelong Republican. I voted for Trump in 2016, but I will never vote for him again. He is the antithesis of what we need to have, who we need to have, running our country, in charge of our country, and leading our country. He leads himself and he takes other people and bullies them, does all kinds of things like that. So I’m not gonna support him this year. If we have him, we are gonna be in trouble because he doesn’t do things the way that—he doesn’t believe in the rule of law, for one thing. He believes everything is about him and that he does no wrong. And he does wrong. It’s a travesty. It really is a travesty because what he is doing is he is making us, by his insinuations and by his rants and raves, he is making our country not what it has been forever. I’m a Reagan Republican. I think that what Ronald Reagan did was wonderful for our country. It brought us together better than we have been in years, and now it’s all going to pieces.

“If you vote for Trump, you are going to be voting to bring anarchy around our country because people don’t like him, a lot of people don’t like him, and the people who do like him think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Divisiveness in our country is going to be absolutely nuts if he gets back in. I believe that if he gets back in, people are going to be doing things that I don’t wanna see us do, I don’t wanna see them do. I think that it’s going to cause people to rebel—People to not know what to do. And it scares me. It really scares me.”