Rick  /  New York

“Trump can never get a vote from me again. He absolutely disgusts me.”

Video Transcript

“Name is Rick from Western New York, a one-time Trump voter. The way Trump talks about the military is absolutely disgusting. I grew up in a military family where ethics and helping others was instilled in me at a very young age. And my father currently is buried at Arlington National Cemetery as a career Army Colonel.

“He’s rolling over in his grave for the way Trump handles his personal world, what he calls a political world, I think it’s nothing more than Trump complaining about, oh my gosh, I’ve been such put on that nobody else in this world has. So my upbringing will not allow me any longer to accept the person leading our country as, Trump tried to do, let alone the January 6th insurrections.

“I blame Trump totally. I listened to, numerous times, his rhetoric beforehand, his standing out there in the, you know, with his podium and rah, and I just, yeah, I totally blame him because of his brainwashing, Trump’s brainwashing of a certain segment of our population that was there that day. I totally, totally blame him for what happened.

“Trump scares me as to how he can stir people up, when the facts remain, what they remain. For someone to turn their head and say, the January 6th didn’t happen because of Trump. Really? Go back and watch it one more time. Yeah. It scares the shit outta me.

“I’ve lost track of all the charges against Trump, again, I guess I’ll use the one word, despicable. The fact that he can sit there and talk to… Trump, can sit there and talk to our population with all of this going on behind him, and be okay with that? And be okay that he wants, Trump wants to be the leader of what I consider the most incredible country in the world because of why? Because you’ve led? You’ve shown us what it’s like to be a leader? Absolutely not. Trump has shown us what it’s like to be one of the most f****** disappointing person I’ve ever seen in our government.

“I believe that within our presidential, within that higher office, we should have certainly younger blood in there, but I would certainly, I’m gonna vote for Biden. There’s no way around it. Trump can never get a vote from me again. He absolutely disgusts me. Bottom line.”