Rory  /  Wisconsin

“He didn’t lift a damn finger to call off that mob.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Rory, I’m from Wisconsin, I’m a former Trump voter, and I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump in 2024 this November. Mainly due to the man’s character and professionalism and the way he portrays himself. I don’t feel that a man like Donald Trump should be the face of America and how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world.

“I blame a lot of what happened January 6th on Trump, mainly because those were his people. It wasn’t some democratic conspiracy to make Trump look bad. No, those were his people and he didn’t lift a finger to stop it. As things were getting destroyed, offices were getting broken into, people were getting hurt, he didn’t lift a damn finger to call off that mob and call off the people who were upset that he didn’t get reelected. To me, the blame rests solely on his shoulders for that because he was the man with the power to stop it. Honestly, he was the man with the power that started it too. He started the fire. He should have put it out immediately.

“It would have made him look so much better in the eyes of the American people. But no, instead he sat by, and I’m sure he even smiled, sitting there watching this chaos ensue on the Capitol. And that is extremely depressing to me, and it’s very embarrassing.

“I mean, the laundry list for why Trump should not be reelected is a mile long in my opinion, and I’ve been a Republican voter ever since I was old enough to vote, and I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed.

“His transformation during the change of presidencies and him not being professional enough to admit that he did actually lose to Joe Biden is rather appalling. I myself am a father of multiple children, and if you’ve ever seen a toddler throwing a tantrum about a toy that you’ve taken away that doesn’t belong to them, that’s exactly what’s going on with this, you know. Really what it comes down to is, for lack of a better term, I’m gonna call him out, I guess, it’s a giant man baby threatening to pull his hair and pull your hair because you won’t give him his favorite toy back. There’s no other way around it, that it is what it is.

“He had a taste of the wealth and the power and the boot licking that comes with being the president of the United States, and now you just tell him that he’s not really relevant anymore. He’s doing everything he can to keep himself relevant.

“And with his current legal troubles that he’s having, I’m sorry, but I’m in a line of work where we held, we hold people accountable for their actions. And I don’t care how many zeros you have in your bank account, everybody needs to be held accountable for their action – his buddy Epstein, was held accountable for his actions. So nobody is above the standard. Nobody is above the law. And for you to claim that just because you were president for four years, you should not be held accountable for your actions I think that’s absolute crap.”