Scott  /  Idaho

“I made a mistake once, not again.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Scott Fraser. I am a small business owner and a Marine Corps veteran. In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump for president, not because I thought he was a good man or a great man. I just thought he was better than the alternative, and I’m a pretty conservative guy, and I voted conservative in every presidential election before that, so I went ahead and voted for Donald Trump.

“Since then, it has become obvious to me that Donald Trump is a bad person. He’s a bad human being. He cares about nothing but Donald Trump. As a small business owner, I don’t wanna vote for somebody who uses bankruptcy as a tool, bullying as a tool. So as a small business owner, nope, I’m not voting for Donald Trump again. I made a mistake once, not again.

“As a Marine Corps veteran, I will not vote for somebody who evaded the military with reports of bone spurs by a doctor who is favorable to his family. And then after that, for the rest of his years, Donald Trump has spent primarily disparaging disrespecting the military.

“No, I won’t vote for somebody who does that. So, we need a president in the United States of America that is both respectable and trustworthy, Donald Trump is neither.

“I guess I’ll be voting for Biden. I’ve never voted for a Democrat for President, but I will not vote for Donald Trump. So I guess Biden gets my vote.”