Scott  /  Ohio

“He wouldn’t qualify to deliver pizzas, much less be president of the United States.”

Video Transcript

“This is Scott from Ohio. Since I was 18 years old, I have voted a down the ticket Republican vote, straight Republican every single election. The reason for that is I believed in the principles of fiscal conservatism, reducing the size of government, increasing individual freedoms and free market capitalism as being the best and most free.

“So when Trump was nominated to be our presidential candidate for the Republican Party, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. I thought he was very brash and very crude, but I held my nose and voted for him. I really thinking that a lot of his stuff that he was saying and doing was an act, was a way to get a reaction.

“It was a way to get the media to play yet another clip of him. So I also heard a pastor say, “we’re not voting for a someone to be a preacher. We’re voting for a leader, and Trump is the leader we need right now.” So with that justification, I did vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Throughout the first couple years of his presidency, the economically, everything seemed to be fine, but I started paying a little more attention to what he was saying and doing, and I realized that that brash crudeness was not just a way to get a reaction.

“He was that he was so deeply narcissistic that he actually was not a good leader. He couldn’t learn from other people. He couldn’t learn about issues he didn’t know about. He instead would come up with an idea and demand that people agree with him whether it even made sense or not. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that he’s not really a conservative.

“The deficit rocket ship that we launched is astounding. The amount of spending we did while cutting taxes completely irresponsible way to try to address the budget. He’s not conservative. He’s not a good leader, and he’s not even a good person. He’s not someone I would want my children to emulate.

“He’s not someone I would want to work with. He’s not someone I’d ever want to see volunteer to work with, you know, the youth group at our church, he wouldn’t qualify to be on our Bible school volunteer committee. He wouldn’t pass a simple background check.

“So by the time 2020 rolled around, I realized that a few things. One is, I could never vote for Donald Trump and I didn’t. I voted for Joe Biden. And secondly, that the Republican party no longer was centered on the values I cared about, but was instead centered around Donald Trump in a way that still, I find somewhat baffling.

“With that being said I no longer identify as a Republican, I call myself an independent, and I try, during election cycles, I try to read individual candidates and look at their individual values and records and vote accordingly.

“With that being said, after the 2020 election when Donald Trump refused to admit that he lost because his ego is so big and he inspired thousands of people to commit crimes, and when he actually tweeted that we need to terminate the constitution in order for him to stay president, any sane conservative would immediately consider that disqualifying from even applying to run for office again.

“So how we got to the point where he’s, yet again, the nominee and all these Republican leaders who are just willing to go along with him because of the power, of the popularity that he controlled votes with, it’s repulsive, it’s irresponsible, and at this point I have no home there. So I’m politically homeless, but I feel at peace about that. Donald Trump should never be president. He wouldn’t qualify to deliver pizzas, much less be president of the United States.”