Seth  /  Kentucky

“I have resolved to vote against President Trump.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Seth, I live in Kentucky, I voted for Trump in 2016.

“I saw the January 6th attack as, like, the culmination of all of the fear mongering and hateful rhetoric that I’d been observing over the past year and really, I mean, throughout the whole course of Trump’s presidency and campaigning.

“He was aware of the events unfolding and refused to take any action until several hours after the insurrection had begun.

“The mishandling of classified documents, it was not simply a mistake, it was an overt act of defiance against the government.

“So his attitude toward the entire election process and toward the government in general is just, ‘I can, I’m Donald Trump, I can do whatever I want, your responsibility is to listen to me and obey and stand aside if I decide I want to do something,’ and that

“is a very dangerous attitude for any politician or anyone, really, in politics.

“I have resolved to vote against President Trump.

“If the options are between President Biden or President Trump, I will certainly be voting for President Biden.

“I think his handling of the country over the past four years has gotten us back on the right track, righting the ship that Trump tried to overturn for his own purposes.”