Shawn  /  Utah

“I just don’t think Trump is competent based upon his track record.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, I’m Shawn. I live in Utah. I’ve just been elected as a Republican State Delegate. I did vote for Trump in 2016, but I will not be voting for him again for several reasons. And the first and most compelling reason for me is, I just don’t think Trump is competent, based upon his track record.

He’s not competent. He had the highest turnover of any president ever. Most of Trump’s staff do not support him in 2024. I think Trump is a master of chaos and divisiveness, and he is the leader of fake information. He doesn’t believe in facts. He just wants to make up his own information.

And I think that was the last straw for me. I mean, if he made decisions based upon facts, he might be okay, but he doesn’t. If he doesn’t like the facts, he just ignores them and comes up with his own facts. You can’t run a country or a business based upon fakery. It just doesn’t work. It makes no sense.

And he suffers from a real lack of morals. He’s been accused of rape over 30 times. He has officially been declared a rapist in the E. Jean Carroll case. And because he defamed her so many times, he’s lost two court cases resulting in over $85 million for his defamation. And when he first ran for election in 2015, he promised to share his financials.

But unlike any other president in history, he never has. And now we know why: It’s because he is really not the billionaire claims to be. And then the last thing I want to say about Trump is: Russia. Trump, for no good reason, believes Putin over his own National Security Advisors. Trump was impeached over his lies about Ukraine, and he is still supporting Russia over Ukraine.

It makes no sense. He’s throwing all of the NATO allies under the bus and he’d rather support Russia. It makes no sense. We don’t even have a good economic ties with Russia. Why would we do that? So, my view is you vote for the people who are going to do the most good. You vote for the people who are going to work on making progress, and sometimes that may be somebody who’s not a Republican — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I want to vote for people who care about Americans and want to get the job done. Getting the job done might mean you have to work in a bipartisan manner. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all complaining, Republicans and Democrats alike, that nothing’s getting done. Well, if you want to get something done, you’ve got to work in a bipartisan manner.

Sorry. That’s just the way it is. You can’t burn down the government and expect progress. It’s not that hard. And, yeah, I know you’ve picked your team. Your team is the Republican team. Okay, great. Stop thinking about it as team sports and start thinking about it as, ‘What’s it going to mean for me?’

Stop listening to right-wing talking points, which are all hysterical opinions, and actually dive into some of this stuff. And believe me, there’s a lot of really good Republicans in the Republican Party today, but the party’s been taken over by Looney Tunes. And they’re more interested in conspiracy theories and hate and divisiveness than they are getting the job done.

I want to elect people who want to get the job done. Go do something. Let’s not just stand in the way and do nothing.”