Spencer  /  Utah

“Letting Trump back in the White House is like letting the fox guard the hen house.”

Video Transcript

“I’m a Republican of 50 years. I’m as conservative as anyone in our party, but I will be voting against Trump this year. I cheered him on a 2016 and reluctantly in 2020, but he lost me completely the night that he started the whole “stop the steal” campaign talk. And that rhetoric really rubbed me wrong.

“But, you know, I’m fine with questioning results, recounts. All that’s great. But you better have bulletproof, bulletproof evidence to claim it was stolen. Otherwise all you’re doing is harming democracy. And this stolen election theme has now become a core tenant of the GOP, to even be considered Republican.

“It’s really shameful, but I really didn’t turn angry until evidence of this whole fake elector scheme started to unravel and become discovered, where he tried to steal an election and these fake slates of electors and to this idea of throwing our constitution into a crisis, and our whole country.

“And so if anyone hasn’t examined the fake elector scheme, please look into the details. It is the most treasonous act against our constitution and our country’s history. And so luckily our republic survived, but letting Trump back in the White House is like letting the fox guard the hen house. Our democracy is too precious.

“The evidence of Trump’s guilt is overwhelming of his tampering of the election. I didn’t need a conviction to know OJ was guilty, and I don’t need a conviction to know that Trump tried to overthrow our democracy. He is the greatest threat to our republic and I’m gonna place all of my conservative views aside for the sake of saving our country by voting blue this year for the first time in my life, it’s a shame.”