Stan  /  Louisiana

“The only people that Trump consistently gives praise to without any criticism are dictators of the world.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Stan, I’m from Covington, Louisiana. I’m a lifelong Republican. I voted for Trump in his first bid for president. I did not vote for Trump the second time. The first time I voted for a Democrat nationally was for Joe Biden when he ran against Trump.

“I felt that Joe Biden, although a Democrat, was a responsible politician and someone that could be worked with in cases of policy that I did not agree with, I felt that Donald Trump being a narcissist was just going to continue to make the country more divided.

“Trump’s relationship with Putin has bothered me from the get go. The only people that Trump consistently gives praise to without any criticism are dictators of the world. I think it is very obvious that he wishes that he were a dictator in the United States. I think he has already made plans to take over the next election and be a dictator himself. One of the things that would make America more unsafe would be if Trump had a second presidency because we know his feelings on Ukraine and he would allow Putin to extend his expansion in Ukraine.

“Any president presidential candidate who supports the idea of suspending the constitution for any reason should automatically be disqualified. The constitution, is what our country is founded on. It is the guiding principle, and anyone who wants to set it aside is in essence, setting aside America.

“And that’s what scares me about the, so-called normal people who feel like, ‘oh, well we survived the first presidency, so we can survive another one.’ Another presidency by Trump will not look anything like the first. I think a second presidency by Trump would be far more extreme. I think he will actually being able to enact many of the things that he says that he will because he’s putting people in place that will allow him to do it.

“Trump has certainly learned his lesson from his first time as a president. He will not allow any normal people to have influence but will fill every position he can with people that are loyal to him. As a lifelong Republican, it bothers me to have to vote for a Democrat instead of Republican.”