Stephen  /  South Carolina

“I see a president that’s gonna cause a civil war.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Steven Ballenger, I currently reside in York, South Carolina, and I used to be a Trump supporter.

“I would say my concern would be in case he does become president, one, yes, the retribution, especially when again, the term that comes to mind, he said that anyone that did not go with him, he would ban them. If we have Donald Trump in for his second term and he’s talking about retribution, he might be good in some things, but in terms of here in this country, when he uses the word retribution, it means to me that we’re gonna see those that got isolated by him… we could see civil war and or lots of protests and riots related to him.

“January 6th, 2021. Many of us in our nation, through the history, has never seen such an incident like that day. When this was a day that votes were gonna be counted in the Senate, they were gonna be validated. And it ended up, we had a president, Donald Trump, basically incite this type of insurrection, this type of riot, if you will, that they would march all the way to the Capitol, stand out there, and then all of a sudden start banging on windows, breaking the windows and doors going into it, trying to go into offices, one of them even sitting inside the House Speaker’s office. And basically just rampaged through there, causing those elected officials to have to evacuate at a time that they were validating those votes and basically delaying for several hours before they could get those votes verified. And it cost the life of a police officer who, all he was trying to do was block or at least prevent those protesters from coming in. And he sacrificed his life over that.

“What happens if he does get elected and all those charges are… he’s found guilty of? Do we want a president that wants to sit there with all the guilty charges against him, possibly going to prison, doing his oath, his duty, while in prison?

“I will not be supporting Donald Trump. I see a man that is not gonna be in the interest of this country. I see a president that’s gonna cause a civil war, if not riots, because of his beliefs and the way he worded that he would ban anybody that was not supportive of him. That’s why I will not support him this year, nor any other time.”