Susan  /  North Carolina

“I believe that former President Trump has damaged our democracy terribly.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Susan, I am a Republican that has turned to being an independent and I’m from North Carolina. I did vote for former President Trump in 2020. I do not plan on voting for him in 2024. And the reasons are that I believe that he is a narcissistic hypocrite.

“I also believe nobody is above the law, and I believe that he is a truly scary person that will further damage our democracy in this country. President Trump facing so many legal battles right now, it’s unbelievable to me that anybody can support someone that is quite frankly, this corrupt in my mind. It’s beyond my comprehension why we’re even having to go here.

“I believe that former President Trump has damaged our democracy terribly. He feels that he’s above the law, number one. Democracy is everybody yes, is innocent until proven guilty. But I believe that there’s so many triggers here that he is truly guilty on so many levels.

“I also feel that the January 6th insurrection was something that, I, for one, am glad that my father, who was a veteran of World War II, was not alive to see that. It would’ve broken his heart. My husband and I, and my husband is a 30 year army, retired veteran from Vietnam and Desert Storm, it broke our hearts to see that and we both cried, to be very honest with you.

“I was saddened to see the pushback from some of the media that really, it wasn’t an insurrection. I don’t care what you call it, it was just plain horrible, and if we as a country saw that anywhere else, we would be absolutely shocked.

“I fear that in November should former President Trump not win in a landslide that we’re going to have a repeat of that. We already have people not trusting our police. We have people not trusting the FBI. We have people just throwing everything out, and to me that’s wrong.”