Svetlana  /  Texas

“Former President Trump is very much in support of dictators around the world.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Dr. Svetlana. I live in Texas. I did vote for President Trump twice in 2016 and 2020.

“I cannot support former President Trump for many reasons. The main one, I believe that former President Trump is against Ukraine. I do believe that former president Trump makes very wrong and derogatory statements. I do believe that President Trump is against unity that former President Trump is against democracy. He, former President Trump is very much in support of dictators around the world.

“And not only he president, former President Trump is in support of dictators. He’s applauding them, he’s inviting them to his mansion and having dinner with some of the dictators.

“When former President Trump praises dictators around the world, first of all, I feel embarrassed. I wanna hide. I wanna hide, and I wanna say I don’t know who he is. In a way, almost embarrassed and ashamed that I did vote for him. This is the side of him that I was not aware of… that, most of all.

“Secondly it makes me wonder: How are they looking at the United States of America right now? How are they looking at us? They’re literally reading us different now. They are making plans because those dictators see that a leader making such state statements and praising them, the leader is former President Trump.

“I do believe that Donald J. Trump will polarize this country worse than he already did. Look at us now, we fighting against each other. Republican against Republican. Don’t have to go very far. Look at our Congress. It’s a circus. It’s a plain circus. We are, we Republican against Republican, Democrats against Democrats. We’re still dealing with this January 6th issue that is denied by former President Trump.”