Taylor  /  Utah

“I don’t think anybody should trust this man as their president.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Taylor Booth, I’m from Utah County, and I’m a former Trump supporter. I can’t support Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election because he’s a threat to our democracy, and I believe that his policies don’t provide actual backing and a plan to execute. It’s more so just to put these false narratives out there to get his party riled up, his supporters riled up behind him to back up his agenda.

“I think Trump’s relationship with Russia has become more evident, that he would like to work with Putin in the future if he would be our president. Putin is a dictator and he has shown time and time again he will do whatever he wants, and that is Trump’s position as well. And we do not want that as a president in the United States of America, as well as his comments on NATO, saying that he will not support NATO if they do not pay, and he will encourage Russia to do whatever the hell they want.

“I’m huge on democracy. I want us to prosper as a country and the actions his voters take just for this one man, it just reminds me of Hitler, essentially, all those people. Hitler was a great speaker. He got a whole country to follow him, and I just kind of see that with Donald Trump and his following right now. It’s irrational.

“The comments that were made on January 6th about Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence not certifying the election, we’ve had this election process in place for centuries and he’s not anything special. We do this for a reason, to figure out our best candidate and the election wasn’t stolen. We need closure as a nation if we’re gonna vote for a specific president, and I don’t think that we could vote for somebody that has shown time and time again that we can’t trust him. He has been convicted with the defamation case, the Manhattan defamation case, he’s been convicted with the fraud case in New York, he can’t do business in New York for three years. So it’s just, I can’t trust him. I don’t think anybody should trust this man as their president. It’s our highest position in America and he should not be there.

“In the 2024 presidential election, I’m gonna vote for Joe Biden because I believe that that’s going to be the best option for democracy.”