Ted  /  Pennsylvania

“We saw what happened on January 6th, but something worse could even happen.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Ted. I live in Pennsylvania. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 but I changed my opinion of him after the election “hoax” ordeal. I served in the military in two different branches and I serve to preserve our democracy. But I see that his false claims of the voter fraud are just compromising our democracy.

“If you know anything about all of our voting, it’s decentralized. It’s probably the hardest thing in the world to hack all those precincts that vote. They have different voting machines, different voting procedures. I just don’t understand how people can believe that. If we can’t trust him with being honest about the voting, then how are we going to trust him to lead our country?

“Is he going to get us involved in some wars that we don’t want to get involved in? That’s why I will not be voting for Trump this year. I’ll probably be voting for Biden if that’s who I have, only because he is probably the lesser of two evils. So I’d encourage you guys, if you see this, to really think about who you’re going to put into office.

“I’m Christian, but I’m not your mainline Christian. I’m a Calvinist. You could tell the character of a man, if he’s Christian or not, just by the things that he does. My whole family thinks he’s the messiah. That’s very dangerous ground, at least when you’re talking about Christianity.

“We only have one savior. So that’s about what I have to speak on Trump. So hopefully a lot of you out there listen and search your heart and make the right decision this November. He put us in a very dangerous position with the things that he says. It could compromise our democracy.

“We saw what happened on January 6th, but something worse could even happen. So I’ll just leave you with that thought. Think about what you’re doing, because it matters.”