Thomas  /  Wisconsin

“He was the lesser of evils. That’s what I voted for two times. This time I can’t do that any longer.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Thomas Pallone. I’m from Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. I voted for Donald Trump in both 2020 and 2016. I do not intend on voting for him in 2024.

“I will not be supporting Donald Trump in 2024 because I believe his interests are not good for America. Donald Trump is running for president because he cares about Donald Trump.

“I don’t believe Donald Trump has changed. I think he’s always, he is the man he always was. It’s always Trump first. And he is not a conservative. He doesn’t even understand conservative principles. Doesn’t understand our government, how it operates, doesn’t understand our Constitution and doesn’t care to understand it.

“He was the lesser of evils. That’s what I voted for two times. This time I can’t do that any longer.

“It’s clear to me that he’s anti-Ukraine. I think a second Trump presidency would bring a further turmoil within NATO, which I think that’s his goal. I think that it would be filled with more empty promises.

“Trump promised a wall to protect our border, didn’t deliver. Promised that Mexico would pay for it, didn’t deliver. Trump promised us healthcare better than Obama’s, didn’t deliver. A lot of empty promises that Trump made, didn’t deliver on.

“His actions on January 6th are more like that of a tin-pot dictator than as a president of a limited republic like the United States, a constitutional republic like the United States.

“He was toying with the idea of suspending the Constitution. Our US Constitution is what separates us from all the other nations in the world. And to even consider suspending our Constitution, to me, is an act of treason.

“I think if Donald Trump could be either a Russian oligarch or a Russian dictator like Vladimir Putin, he would be. I think he admires him. I think he admires that kind of thug dictatorship. That’s why I think he admires the North Korean dictator as well.

“I believed that Donald Trump appointed some good cabinet people. The ones that he did appoint that were good didn’t stay. I can’t imagine a second Donald Trump cabinet filled with the kinds of people that would be loyal to Donald Trump while he’s not loyal to the United States Constitution.”