The Guardian covered Republican Voters Against Trump in a new story. David Smith writes:

Gunner Ramer, political director of Republican Voters Against Trump, said: “When Trump is in general election mode and he is brought front and centre to these swing voters, we anticipate Biden’s poll numbers strengthening. What does it mean for our country, for our democratic allies, for our democracy if Trump is once again president? It scares voters.”

Republican Voters Against Trump this week released an ad featuring a former Trump voter explaining why he cannot support him again. Ramer urged former Trump officials and military generals to do more than merely express their misgivings to journalists or authors.

“I encourage them to be more honest and more forthright with how serious of a threat Trump is to our democracy because they were closest to it,” he said. “That’s why I think Mike Pence refusing to endorse Donald Trump was important. But there are so many more out there who could speak up.

“It’s frustrating because we have our grassroots supporters – everyday relatable voters willing to stick their neck out and say, ‘I previously supported Trump but I can’t.’ It shows tremendous courage and bravery but there are people who know better who could do a lot more to stand up against Donald Trump.”

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