The Hill covered the launch of our newest ad campaign, which features a 60-second spot demonstrating that Donald Trump could not be hired at a local mall due to his criminal record. Lauren Irwin reports:

Republican Voters Against Trump, a political group seeking to block former President Trump from taking back the White House, released an ad Tuesday suggesting that with his four criminal indictments, Trump could not even get a job at a local shopping mall.

The six-figure ad campaign used hidden-camera footage of a man going to several stores saying he was looking to apply for a job. The catch? He said he is facing 88 felonies.

The man in the film asked store managers if they would hire someone who has been found “liable of sexual assault” or someone who has tried to “overturn the 2020 election,” among other issues at the heart of Trump’s ongoing legal battles.

“If Trump is too big of a liability to get a job at your local mall, he is too big of a liability to be president of the United States,” the narrator said in the video.

Read about the campaign here and watch the ad here.