The Guardian covered the launch of Republican Voters Against Trump. Lauren Aratani writes:

An anti-Donald Trump group of Republicans is launching its second campaign against the former president, spending $50m and using testimonials from former supporters in an attempt to convince voters to turn away from Trump.

This week, Republican Voters Against Trump released 100 videos recorded by anti-Trump Republicans explaining why they no longer support him.

Sarah Longwell, president of Republican Accountability political action committee, which is behind the campaign, explained the logic behind the effort in a press release on Tuesday.

“Traditional Republican voters who have long supported the party but have concerns about Donald Trump proved decisive in the 2020 election. By targeting these voters and reaching them with credible messengers, the campaign will establish a permission structure for them to withhold their support from Trump again,” she said.

“This will help re-create the anti-Trump coalition that made the margin of victory in 2020 and holds the key to 2024.

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