The Washington Examiner covered Republican Voters Against Trump in a new story. Paul Bedard writes in his “Washington Secrets” column:

Republicans opposed to returning former President Donald Trump to the Oval Office fanned out in Wisconsin and Michigan on Tuesday ahead of rallies featuring the likely 2024 Republican nominee.

The group Republican Voters Against Trump said it booked digital and TV ad time to run negative ads during the former president’s speeches in the two states that helped deliver him his 2016 victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The campaign will feature a former Trump voter complaining about the Republican and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. In the ad, “Chuck” said, “I will vote Democrat. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I will. I will vote for Joe Biden.”

The group’s political director, Gunner Ramer, said the goal is to help keep Wisconsin and Michigan in Democratic control. Both states narrowly voted against Trump in 2020.

“Voters in the Blue Wall states rejected Donald Trump in 2020, helping seal Joe Biden’s victory,” Ramer said in a statement shared with Secrets. “That’s why we’re reminding these voters of Trump’s unfitness for office by amplifying the voices of real people who supported him in the past but refuse to do so again.”

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