The Wisconsin State Journal published this opinion piece by Ethan Lenz, a Republican Voter Against Trump:

I know many Wisconsinites who plan to vote for former President Donald Trump in November despite grave concerns about his character.

I understand it, because I did the same in 2020, believing that a Trump administration would lead to better policy outcomes than a Joe Biden administration.

And I’ve got plenty of disagreements with the Biden administration. But you learn a lot about someone’s character when they lose. Trump showed us all we needed to know when his supporters were storming the U.S. Capitol, and he did nothing about it for 187 minutes.

That’s not just some disagreement over tax policy or immigration policy — no one who would behave that way should ever be trusted with power again.

Former President Trump has promised that his second term would be about “retribution” against his political enemies. I believe we need a president who — however imperfectly — will be focused on bringing the country together.