Elaine  /  Kansas

“It’s going to be the first term on steroids.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Elaine, and I live in Kansas, and I’m a former Trump supporter. I will not support Trump in the 2024 election.

“It’s extremely sobering to realize that Donald Trump is the first former president ever to be criminally indicted. Take a good hard look at these things, at the charges, at the evidence, these aren’t just trumped-up charges. These are real.

“January 6th was a shameful, disgraceful day for our democracy, and I do hold Donald Trump responsible for the attempted insurrection on that day. I believe that his anger and his stubborn refusal to accept the outcome of the election fueled the fire.

“That a former president would not be interested in, let alone protect, a peaceful transfer of power was a despicable all time low and, frankly, pretty frightening. To not be able to accept how the people have spoken I think shows a very prideful, self-centered person that is not fit to be president.

“I really have started to wonder whether Donald Trump cares at all about our democracy. He’s not in office now but he is even now making comments that make me wonder how he could have the good of America in his heart by the things that he is saying and the things that he’s saying that he would do if he was in office again.

“What worries me most about a second Trump presidency is that it seems it’s going to be the first term on steroids. He will be even more focused on himself rather than on the good of the country. I think he will be even less willing to work together with others.

“He will alienate more people, including our global allies. He has seemed to side with Russia, more in support of Russia than our allies in Europe and around the world.

“I do listen to those statements that were made by people who formerly worked with Donald Trump and for him.

“I believe that they had, you know, the picture from the inside and if this is what they are saying, how hard it was to work with him, how disinterested he was in working together. Again, you know, just making a lot of things just about himself. I think that those are significant statements now and I find myself wishing that more of the Republican populace would listen to those people.”