John  /  Massachusetts

“I’m a retired naval officer and I’m concerned about the future of our country.”

Video Transcript

“I’m John. I’m from Lunenburg, Massachusetts. I’m a two time Trump voter and I don’t plan to do it again. I’m a retired Naval Officer and I’m concerned about the future of our country.

“I think he’s a little bit over the top. I think he’s tried to manipulate the system and I don’t think that’s playing fair. I’ve dealt with a lot of people with big egos and I got a hunch his egos getting in the way of his intelligence.

“I’m concerned about China. As a retired naval officer, I read a lot of stuff put out by the various military organizations and China’s the big bad wolf of the Pacific. And having sailed that ocean, knowing how far it is, how long it takes, I know they have a big advantage there in distance.

“We’ve got factions in the GOP in this little town of Lunenerg. It has like 13,000 people and we have factions in the state races and we’re up and down on this. I would like to see somebody come out of the woodwork who’s a reasonable person.”