Mark  /  Connecticut

“You cannot have a president who is trying to get even with anyone.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Mark, I live in Connecticut, and I once voted for Donald Trump.

“In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump. I first met Trump in the 1980s

“in New York during parties and during charitable events.

“I had high hopes that he could unite the country, lead us in an economic upswing, as well as speak for many, many people around the country, both Republican and Democrat.

“From the time I met Donald Trump, my sense of him was that he was sort of a sleazeball, the way he was with women, the way he interacted with others all gave me cause for concern.

“Once I saw some of his actions as president and learned more about his history, I really got concerned.

“When Donald Trump speaks of retribution, it terrifies me because to what degree, what does that even mean?

“Once again, you cannot have a president who is trying to get even with anyone.

“You want someone who is going to unite the country.

“Perhaps the most telling point of his presidency was his inability to accept the fact that he lost the election.

“That was the final blow to my ever supporting Trump again.

“I always vote in every presidential election, and I will be voting for Joe Biden.”