Matthew  /  Pennsylvania

“Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is ill-equipped and unfit to be the commander in chief of our country.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Matt. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a former Trump voter. The reason why I can’t support Donald Trump, multiple reasons. One is, you know, I’m a proud Marine veteran.

“You know, when Trump started attacking some of our American heroes, like, let’s just be honest, let’s call a spade a spade, John McCain, that guy did more for our country than probably every other senator that has come before or after him, right? He was a prisoner of war, and you know, for a guy to say, “I like my heroes not to get captured,” like that’s crazy coming from a guy that dodged the draft from bone spurs.

“Donald Trump spits in the face of all that sacrifice, all the folks that served over the last 20 years in the global war on terror and the veterans that came before us, that put their lives on the line, they put their family second for the betterment of our country.

“It’s not just the name calling, I can get over the name calling that’s fine, I have a problem with Donald Trump’s destructive behavior on the psyche of America, and especially as it relates to the military.

“It’s deeper than just, you know, my personal feelings and sticks and stones and stuff like that, it’s the impact that those words have as the commander in chief and Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is ill-equipped and unfit to be the commander in chief of our country.

“And as we got closer and closer to January 6th, and of course Donald Trump did put it out there on Twitter, you know, it’s going to be wild come down to the Capitol and you know, it’s gonna be wild. And everything that I knew in my heart was going to happen that day played out live. And I watched it with my own eyes. And for anyone that says, “well, it was manufactured. They did some editing.” I’m telling you right now, I watched it live.”