Mike  /  Virginia

“He took an oath, the same oath I took, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Now he wants to terminate it.”

Video Transcript

“Hello, my name is Mike Parelli. I’m from the state of Virginia, the great state of Virginia, and I have voted for Trump twice in the previous two elections. In fact, I have voted Republican ever since I was old enough to vote, since I turned 21.

“The actions on January 6th shows that the man should not be president. He stated that he thought a way to prevent stolen elections was to change the Constitution or terminate it. He took an oath. He took an oath, the same oath I took, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Now he wants to terminate it because he didn’t get his way like a little kid that he is. It’s obvious he’s responsible for that violence that took place that day. He egged people on. He could have stopped that. He didn’t support our law enforcement people. He could have stopped it kept them from getting hurt, but no, he didn’t do it. He’s a coward.

“A second term would be chaos. Absolutely a mess. He probably would let Putin have Ukraine and if Putin gets Ukraine, he’s gonna look at something else. Trump’s already said he won’t support other NATO members if they don’t pay their support and they should pay their support and maybe that’s a way of egging him on. But you don’t want to give Putin a green light because he will take advantage of it. Trump, he would have won that election if he had been quiet, wasn’t attacking everybody that said anything about him. The president does need to bring as many people together in this nation without resorting to violence and everything else. He would be very happy to be a dictator. We know that he admires Putin and he admires other dictators. He admires the little rocket man there in North Korea. He just likes that kind of stuff.

“If you feel like the Republican party has lost its bearing, you need to start going to your local meetings. It’s been taken over by the fringe. As well as the Democratic Party, but you need to take it over. We need to go in groups because if you get a majority, there’s not that many people that go to them. I’ll tell you that. Go over there and take it over and support people who have common sense and will support the Constitution of the United States of America. Thank you.”