Adam  /  Missouri

“He has created a divide within the country.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Adam. I’m from Missouri. I’m a former Trump voter.

“The reasons I voted for Trump before, one of the major reasons was he was not a career politician, and I felt that would be great change for the country.

“So what are three reasons that I’ll not be supporting Trump? One reason would be I feel like he has created a divide within the country.

“Another reason, which kind of piggybacks, is that not letting go of losing the 2020 election. Letting the processes be the processes and kind of letting things go.

“And thirdly, I think a big one is he refuses to debate with any other Republican.

“His ties with Putin. Also wanting to get us out of NATO nations, possibly creating unnecessary wars. And also just having some hold over other Republicans that I just can’t fathom.

“What do I think a second Trump term would look like? Honestly, I have no idea and that really scares me. I think it would definitely be chaos. I feel like it’s gonna be more of the same of probably the last seven years of back and forth, back and forth. Nobody getting along. Everybody’s trying to one up the other person and not doing what’s best for the country.”