Sam  /  Utah

“His goals and his values are not in line with the principles of the Constitution.”

Video Transcript

“My name’s Sam, I live in Utah. I, in the 2020 election, voted for Donald Trump and I supported him throughout the majority of his time in office as president. But for me, when I started to change my mind on my views of Donald Trump, politically, were after the 2020 election: when he lost, his attitudes and claiming that it was stolen and encouraging other people to take action based off of those false claims.

“This led to January 6th. It led to all sorts of other problems throughout the country that are still going on today. That was what really started to help me realize that he was not a candidate that I would support long-term. And the second thing is, throughout all of his court cases, pushing the idea that he’s totally immune to the law just because he had sat in the Oval Office.

“And for me, I consider myself a conservative. I love the principles and the values of the Constitution of our republic and our democracy, and I am not at the point where I could support Donald Trump, because I see that his goals and his values are not in line with the principles of the Constitution. They’re just in line with himself and helping himself move forward.

“And so that’s why I, as Republican and as a conservative, will not be voting for Donald Trump in the 2024 election.”