Barry  /  Florida

“The classified documents really concern me.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Barry, I’m from Lake City, Florida, and I previously voted for Trump, but I believe I cannot support him this time around.

“His actions subsequent to being elected, and especially towards the end of his term, all the activities surrounding trying to declare the election invalid, and then his violent effort, and I believe he is behind that, to overthrow the government by attacking Congress.

“Well, the classified documents really concern me. The research that I’ve done does not support his reasons for keeping the documents and not notifying the government that he had them. I don’t believe that any former president needs to be keeping governmental classified, especially higher level, classified documents in their own homes. I don’t even believe that they should be removed from their office ever.

“I would have to vote for Biden just out of choice. I mean, there’s no other choice, either Biden or Trump, and I’m certainly not going to vote for Trump.”