Chuck  /  Georgia

“I can no longer support him either as a politician or a person.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Chuck. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and I have supported Donald Trump in the past and voted for him twice in 2016 and 2020, and I will not be supporting him again. I think Trump has had a significantly negative impact on the party. I have voted Republican. I’ve been a lifelong Republican, and I feel like candidates who are viable for the next generation are not stepping up to become part of the future of the Republican Party.

“And I blame Donald Trump for that. He’s supported the wrong people. People who are really sycophants that worship him, and that is bad for the country and bad for the party. On top of that, I think that he is shown to be less and less in the mainstream of the country, feel like he’s divisive.

“Personally, he is unethical and I can no longer support him either as a politician or a person. I hold him responsible for the loss of the Senate. My home state of Georgia lost both senatorial races, which were winnable but Donald Trump chose not to support them. On top of that, I am just appalled at his ethics and I feel as if his trouble with the four lawsuits, the four criminal cases and the other lawsuits make him an untenable candidate and I would not support him again. I think a second Trump term would be a catastrophe for the country, that nothing would be done, that it would be more divisive and Trump has proved that he is incapable of picking subordinates and important positions and keeping them in the administration. So I don’t think that we would see any progress and I think that we are much better off with any other alternative. I think you have to look at all of the factors involved right now as far as Trump’s lack of control, his seeming increasing dementia.

“I think you have to look at the people that he’s supporting and the fact that he has caused the party to lose races and he is not good for the future of the country. He has proved that in inappropriate personal choices that he has made, and I think we need to move on. We need to look for new leadership.”