Eric  /  Louisiana

“The felony indictments are one thing, and they are disqualifying in and of themselves. They pale in comparison to January 6th.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Eric. I was a 2016 Trump voter. I was a lifelong Republican. I left Donald Trump in early 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. I left the Republican Party later that year. I guess I was still in the party when I voted for Biden in 2020. By January 6th, I had left the party altogether and I’m an independent voter here in 2024.

“I was one of those who thought that Trump as president will be somewhat Trump, but mostly still president. Well I was wrong. I sort of whistled past the graveyard of the dangers of Trump and thought that the change he could bring would be worth the risk of maybe him going off the rails a little bit. Wrong again.

“For me, the felony indictments are one thing, and they are disqualifying in and of themselves. They pale in comparison to January 6th itself. The man literally fomented and directed an insurrection. The very moment we were certifying an election. This was not done just any given day, any given time. The attack on the capitol happened at the hour that the House and Senate were convened to officially give the election to Joe Biden. I watched it all with my students, live. And I watched the gallows, I watched the people screaming, “Hang Mike Pence! Where’s Nancy?” And I watched and waited for the statement from the White House with my classes. I kept telling my classes, “He’s gonna say something, he’s gotta say something.” And the entire 90 minute class, there was nothing. And after that, there was nothing. The man committed insurrection against the Constitution of the United States, and that to me, all the other indictments, all the other charges, as serious as they may be pale in comparison to that. And it is the one thing I cannot understand, how even fervent Trump supporters, I don’t see how they can excuse this away. We all watched it as a country together. We know what it was.

“I would say the 2024 vote for me is the easiest decision I’ve ever had. Yes, Biden versus Trump 2.0. I don’t think that’s most people’s dream race, but it is the easiest choice I’ve ever had, and I was a long time Republican who never considered voting Democrat. Even considering that this is by far the easiest choice I would ever make. The choice is Joe Biden. And I think it’s the only choice that anyone who objectively looks at Donald Trump’s past actions and present actions and words. I think it’s the only choice you can make. Don’t vote for the Trump that you wish existed. Vote against the Trump that does exist.”