Hank  /  Tennessee

“I don’t think that the man has the moral character required to function in the Oval Office.”

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Hank Mauer. I’m a retired airline captain, former Air Force officer, living in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I did not vote for him in 2020, and I could never vote for him again. The reason, the primary reason, for that is I don’t think that the man has the moral character required to function in the Oval office in a way that we, as the American people, can trust him.

“I just cannot see him as a viable leader for this country. A second Trump term, in my opinion, would be chaotic. I feel like the beginning of the term would be spent with Donald Trump figuring out how to get even with those people who did not support him while he was out of office.

“It would probably involve a pardon of everyone involved in January 6th, which would in essence say you can stage an insurrection in the United States, and as long as the right president is in the White House. You can get away with it and there’ll be no consequence for your actions.

“Donald Trump’s recent comments about NATO really kind of hit home with me. I served on the NATO staff in Norway for four years. I was in the military at the time and I was a member of that staff and I was serving alongside other officers from other countries in NATO.

“The idea that this country, the United States, would somehow decide that unless someone wrote us a check for expenses that we would allow Russia to do, as Donald Trump put it, whatever the hell they wanted to that country is just an anathema to me.

“How do we tell our allies we’ll be there for them if we base it solely on the purpose, or on the function of, they’re paying their, what we consider to be, their fair share. We lose our standing in the world as not just a world leader, but as a nation that can be depended on if we take that approach.

“And Donald Trump saying that he would do that not only undermines us in terms of credibility, but also adds a certain element of, shall we say, motivation on the part of someone like Putin to do whatever they please. And that Trump will not stand in their way.

“I definitely will not vote for Donald Trump. I still think that, at least in terms of supporting the Constitution of this country and doing what it calls for, Joe Biden will do that. Donald Trump will not.”