Jim  /  Washington

“Let’s dump Donald Trump. “

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name’s Jim. I live in Washington State, which is a very liberal democratic state, but, I’m convinced that if we ran any Republican candidate other than Donald Trump, we could actually possibly even take the state of Washington. As far as Donald Trump goes, Donald Trump will never get my vote.

“Like I said, I voted for every Republican office ever because I believe in the Republican principles.

“Donald Trump is a RINO. He is not a true Republican. He’s going where he thinks he can get votes. His only interest is in promoting Donald Trump, and right now his interest appears to be staying outta jail and protecting his wealth.

“And he’s asking all of his cult members to, to provide, to buy dolls or shoes or anything else to help him out. It’s crazy. The man has no ethics. He does not represent the principles and the morals of the Republican party, never has and doesn’t now.

“And the fact that he is a vile individual will keep the Republicans and independents from voting for him, which will then force us into four more years of Democratic hell.

“So any Republican can beat ’em. And it’s amazing to me that the religious right believes that Donald Trump is godly. And I’m sorry, my God doesn’t treat people the way he does. He doesn’t mock the handicapped. He doesn’t treat women the way he does. He hasn’t committed adultery on three wives.

“I think Donald Trump believes that the Bible doesn’t say repent, but repeat because he continues to repeat his abuse and his adultery and other issues. The man is not fit to be our president. I’ve been in 80 countries, working with farmers and in small communities. I know what our image is overseas, on the ground, and United States will not be great again if we do not stay engaged in the world.

“We need to be involved. We need to be the leader, and we don’t necessarily need to be the leader with the gun out front, but the leader in showing what the values that we have and having Donald Trump carrying our flag as a values is not what America’s about.

“No Republican candidate as vile and as egotistical and as unethical as Donald Trump can win.

“So whatever we do, we need to stop Donald Trump from being our candidate. We need to stop him as being the president of the United States. I’m probably gonna write in Liz Cheney. Because I believe in her ethics and I believe in her principles. So let’s dump Donald Trump. Let’s keep the Republican message, which is not the message Donald Trump’s been giving.

“Like I said, it amazes me that the people that support him are blind. They’re still saying that January 6th was Antifa and BLM. The fact that Donald Trump will pardon the January 6th protestors and the people that tried to overthrow our government, its amazing that anybody would continue to support that.”