John  /  Missouri

“A second term for Trump will be devastating for the country.”

Video Transcript

“This is John Daniel. I’m located in St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve been a Republican for most of my life. I voted for Trump in 2016. I will never vote for him again. I did vote for Trump in 2016. He was the lesser of two evils on the ballot at the time. And why not give an outsider a chance? We do this from time to time as a country because we get fed up with our other politicians. We all hoped that Trump would rise to the occasion of the office. He clearly did not. The way that he handled Covid was not only an embarrassment to the country, but also proved to be unsafe for the country.

“One of the things that disgust me the most is that it’s not even about the country anymore, you know. You must be loyal to the Republican party, but you must be loyal to Trump. And I won’t put anything above this country. The parties should be working for this country, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. The other problems that I had while Trump was in office was his disrespect of our military. How he called members of our military “losers.” That’s unacceptable. Here’s the commander-in-chief calling the people that you depend on to defend this country losers is absolutely insane. If you want the freedom of this country to continue, you have to support all members of our military and not disrespect them.

“A second term for Trump will be devastating for the country. He will have, in his own mind, risen above the law. And if he is elected, well, he has risen above the law. So now my complaints earlier about how it’s all about the country not about an individual, at this point, it has totally shifted. It is about the individual. It is sickening to me to see, the people in Congress that are willing to support a dictator that want to throw our democracy away. And that’s exactly what you’re doing if you vote for Trump in this election year is you’re saying, “I’m no longer in favor of democracy, but I prefer a dictator.”

“I view Joe Biden as being a person who still loves this country. I view Joe Biden as a person who has been, who has proven his entire life, to be ethically and morally correct and in favor of this country. He supports our military. So, it is not a great choice, but, and I feel the frustration, but we have to choose the lesser of the two evils.”