Keith  /  Texas

“It pains me that the Republican party is not the party that I grew up with.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Keith from Texas. I voted for Trump in 2016. I did not vote for him in 2020, and there is no way he’s gonna get my vote in 2024. My first presidential election was 1980 when I proudly cast a vote for Ronald Reagan, and I was proud to say I voted for every Republican candidate until 2020. I definitely am not a Democrat.

“Well, first of all, I believe he’s an insurrectionist. Secondly, over the past eight years, I’ve come to realize he’s an extreme narcissist. I held a security clearance. I know what it means to control and access classified documents, and I firmly believe that he violated his oath and all the paperwork he signed like I did about protecting classified information.

“I’ve heard him speak favorably of Putin. I’ve heard him speak favorably of North Korea, of China. I have not heard him speak favorably of Hitler, but I’ve heard that he says Hitler did some good things. Those are all despicable people, you don’t want to associate with them, but he chooses to honor those people and kind of act like them. So that’s pretty straightforward that he not only wants be authoritarian, he wants to be a dictator and he’s even said he is gonna do it on day one. The fact that juries and judges are convicting these insurrectionists from January 6th, and the first thing he spouts out is that he’s gonna pardon those people and he doesn’t even call them criminals. It’s just unbelievable the way he acts toward those type of people.

“It pains me that the Republican party is not the party that I grew up with. It pained me in 2020 not to cast a vote, that was the first time ever, I didn’t cast a vote for the Republican presidential candidate. But I felt it was the right thing to do because you have to have a good qualified candidate, in all positions, but especially the president and he was not, he being Donald Trump, was not a qualified candidate, I didn’t believe, in 2020 and he’s even further drifted from being qualified for 2024. I don’t understand how he’s secured the Republican nomination based on having 88 indictments against him. It was 91, it’s down to 88. It might go down a little bit, but hell, one or two is too many, and especially with some of them that are brought against him. I mean, he’s proven to be a sex offender, he’s proven to be an unethical and corrupt businessman, and he’s probably going to be proven to be an insurrectionist and I firmly believe he should be convicted of violating the espionage act with the way he handled classified documents.

“I will definitely not be casting a vote for Donald Trump, he does not deserve to be commander-in-chief, he does not deserve to occupy the west wing of the White House, and he surely doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the freest country in the world.”