Nick  /  Ohio

“I cannot support Trump any longer.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Nick from Ohio, and I am a former Trump voter.

“I originally voted for Trump because I thought he was someone new and different and not a traditional politician, which I thought would be something new and fresh and better for our country as a whole, and I was wrong. I cannot support Trump any longer.

“A second term of Donald Trump would just look like a shit show in the fact that he’s just gonna keep running through people in cabinets until he finds a sycophant yes-man that only does what he wants. The laws and Congress will probably try to trip him up to make sure he stays within the law. It’ll be a long four years of embarrassing oversteps and pullbacks.

“I think Donald Trump uses everybody in his arsenal to further his own gains, and he really doesn’t have a mission or an objective. He just wants to be followed unapologetically and without question, and just almost like a fervent love that Hitler or Putin or Xi Jinping asks for and demands and wants from his people.

“I will vote for whoever is the front runner against Trump, no matter who it is. I wouldn’t care if Satan came down himself because I feel like maybe he’d do a little bit better.”