Kyle  /  Alabama

“I’m voting for Biden over Trump because Trump is pro-tariffs.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Kyle, I’m from Mobile, Alabama. I’m a two-time Trump voter. I donated to Trump from 2016 to 2020. I quit after he lost.

“I’m not voting for Trump in 2024 because of his stance on tariffs. I’m voting for Biden over Trump because Trump is pro-tariffs, he’s against free trade, his foreign policy is terrible. It’s like Bernie Sanders foreign policy.

“He added 8 trillion to the national debt, which is a record. He basically took our credit card, ran it up, and left, and now we’re here to deal with it. So the 2018 Trump tariffs, the steel tariffs, affected my industry. They made the price of a double car garage door go up about 2 to 300 percent, before Covid even hit.

“I feel like people shouldn’t vote for Trump is because of his stance on tarrifs and free trade which will lead to products costing more and more with inflation. Right now, somebody wants a garage door, and that particular garage door is $2,000, it’s gonna be $4,000 after he’s done, just like before.

“Trump wants to increase tariffs to 60% to China, and he wants to put a 10% tariff on all goods coming from all countries for the most part, which will cause inflation, price of products to skyrocket, and sadly the people that it’s gonna affect are gonna be the people that vote for him, you know, the people that affects the most are gonna be the people that vote for him on a fixed income that can’t make up that gap. I don’t get Trump’s mindset of just, let’s just burn everything, it’s my way or the highway, we’re gonna burn it down and have no jobs.

“After January 6th, I was really busy, working hurricanes that hit down here, so I kind of just wrote it off, you know, as it being sort of like a joke or something where Trump was just going to go away after that, maybe he’d get a slap on the wrist or whatever and I didn’t really pay too much attention to it, I just assumed it was over, but looking, you know, looking back at it, he definitely is liable for any death or damages on that day because he essentially took those people and stirred them up and set ’em loose.

“I’ve never voted for a Democrat president in my life. I’m voting for Biden. It’s an easy decision now, especially after January 6th and all the other things that happened.”