Ethan  /  Wisconsin

“January 6th was the end of Donald Trump for me.”

Video Transcript

“I’m Ethan, I live in Wisconsin and I voted for Donald Trump in 2020. January 6th was the end of Donald Trump for me. I could not believe what was happening before my eyes, watching what was an insurrection at the Capitol, which was in my mind unquestionably led by Donald Trump.

“I think what Donald Trump did on January 6th was dangerous for multiple reasons. Number one, he put the lives of police officers, congressional leaders, and military personnel at the end of the day, in jeopardy, and it was a total repudiation of the Constitution and American standing in the world, as far as I’m concerned. The peaceful transfer of power is one of the defining pieces of our democracy and I could not believe that someone I had formerly supported would get behind an effort that would throw that under the bus.

“I believe that the classified documents case should definitely have been brought. It is one of the hugest ones in my mind. If the evidence is what everything suggests right now, I think that’s completely disqualifying from ever holding office again. If you’re on the fence at this point, there is no choice. Donald Trump is not a viable option. I will vote for Biden, there’s no question in my mind.”