Owen  /  Ohio

“I think Biden does support our Constitution. Trump does not.”

Video Transcript

“My name is Owen, I am from Ohio, and I voted for Trump in 2020.

“The stuff where he started lying about the 2020 election, that’s kind of where I started to like really question Trump and everything. And to be honest, at first I actually thought it was stolen. When I first heard it, I’m like, wait, this evidence here is… but then I did my own research and I didn’t realize, wait, the election wasn’t stolen. Like that’s silly. I mean, if that’s stolen, then all the elections were stolen.

“But then January 6th, that was the final straw for me that at that point I even like I even posted on social media, I’m like, ‘I renounce my support for Trump. I completely regret it. If I could go back in time, I would go for Joe Biden.’ At the end of the day, the most fundamental things are, as Adam Kinzinger puts it: do you support democracy or do you not? And to me, I don’t think Trump supports democracy at all.

“I also don’t like his personality and you know, kind of the things you hear from other people, but I just think at the same time he just…. the thing that really got me isolated is because I’m a center-right Republican, he’s going out there calling us RINOs and everything, for all the people that don’t… they’re putting us in a box and they don’t value our votes. He’s taking us for granted, that is Trump.

“And then 2024, same thing with when it comes to Trump and Biden, while I may disagree with Biden on a lot of policies, I’m gonna put that aside at the end of the day because frankly, I think Trump is a danger to our republic. We’ve seen that, I mean, what other presidents have incited an insurrection on the capitol? Even some of the worst presidents like Buchanan and Pierce didn’t do that.

“And I just, if someone like me who supported Trump all the way back in 2015 can see that, I think anyone can. You know, I’m an optimist, I can… people really hear this message and say like, ‘wait, hold on… there’s time to back off, not be scared of Trump,’ because I think there’s a lot of good Republicans out there in Congress.

“It’s just a lot of them are scared to speak up to Trump. A lot of ’em are afraid they’re gonna lose their jobs. And the ones that do speak up, they do lose their jobs. You see ’em lose their primaries or they’re forced to retire. It’s sad to see.

“But when it comes to actually the idea of between Trump and Biden right now, I’m definitely going Biden at this point because there’s two things I would say that Biden has, that Trump does not. One, I think Biden is a good person. Trump is not. Two, I think Biden does support our Constitution. Trump does not.”